Paul Harris Fellow recognition was created in memory of Paul Harris, the founder of Rotary, as a way to show appreciation for contributions to the Foundation's charitable and educational programs.  A club may choose to recognize members of the club or community for their significant contributions in service.
The following are Paul Harris Fellows from the Scarborough Rotary Club:

Arnold, Stanley W.                Jul-2000
Avery, Jared E.                      Jun-2014
Bennett, John H.                   Oct-1991
Crowell, Nancy.                     Jan- 2024
Giordano, Philip                   Feb - 2016, Jan 2024
Herrick, Stuart B                   Dec-1990
Hodgdon, Frank                    May-1991
Jackson, Howard                   Mar-1992
Kirchner, Kerstin                  May- 2011
Littlefield, Lilliam M             Feb-1989
Littlefield, Ray L.                  Jan-1980
Messer, John P                     Dec-1990
Messer, Terri                        Apr-2009
Murphy, John M.                 Jan-2005
Murphy, Richard E. Jr.         Aug-2013
Murphy, Richard E. Sr.         Jun-1997
Page, Diana H.                       Sep-2008
Page, Harry E.                       Jun-1992
Payne, Gregory                     Jan-1990
Payne, Mary                         Jun-1997
Pease, Deborah                    Aug - 2015
Richer, Donald                      Dec-2002
Richer, Wilfred J                   May-1992
Ross, Ellen K.                       Jun-1997
Sholtis, John                         Apr-2009
Weaver, James W.                 Dec-1998
Winch, Winthrop A.             Aug-2001