June 18th Meeting

Candy introduced Tracy Gagnon & Jeanette McDonald from the Hampton Club. She had seen their presentation at a recent District Conference and invited them to speak to our club.


Tracy became a Rotarian 1 ½ years ago after witnessing many Rotarians assisting with her sister’s  clean-up after a devastating flood in upstate New York.  As a Hampton resident who worked out of town, Jeanette joined Rotary to become acquainted with local citizens. A teacher, Tracy’s first project was a garden for younger students. The water project was a natural sequel:

“The Rotary Club of Hampton was awarded a District Simplified Grant for implementation of a three year water service project called ‘Drop by Drop’. The project has 3 main components. It began with providing basic water education to children in grades K-3 in the communities of North Hampton, Hampton, Hampton Falls, and Seabrook on wise water practices. Next, they collaborated with the Town of Seabrook Water Department and Aquarion Water Company to promote and assist in rain barrel sales.”

Rain Barrels are used to collect water from roof run-off. It is easy to set-up and use. Plants love this naturally soft water and use of a rain barrel reduces runoff avoiding potential storm water issues. They produced an insert which Seabrook sent to their 3,300 customers. It resulted in sales of 11 rain barrels along with recognition for their club.

Year three of the project is site selection in an underdeveloped country to assist a community with a well system or filtration system that will deliver drinking water. They are going to partner with another club that already has contacts in an underdeveloped country.

They had partnered with the staff advisor and members of the Winnacunnet High School Interact Club to assist in producing a multimedia presentation to the K-3 children.”