November 15th Meeting
John Murphy proudly introduced his son Jack, a Board of Directors member of The Scarborough Educational Foundation, who introduced Will Leadley, Vice President. Together, they gave an informal and conversational history and discussion of this local organization. It was founded by a group of 11 frustrated with the level of school budget cuts:
“The Scarborough Education Foundation was incorporated in December of 2011 by a group of 11 Scarborough residents who value high quality public education and they became the first Board of Directors for the Foundation.  Board members serve a three year term and terms are staggered so that each year 4 members will be up for re-election.  The Board of Directors meets on a monthly basis.
“The Scarborough Education Foundation (SEF) funds the best ideas of the districts brightest and most motivated educators by raising financial resources within the community through donations and fundraising events. Educators may submit an application to the Foundation, during one or our semi-annual grant cycles, seeking support for a specific initiative or program that they wish to implement in their instructional framework. All grant requests must be approved by the respective Principals and are then reviewed by the Foundation’s Grant Review Committee, which is made up of board members, education professionals, and other residents who represent various segments of the community. Recommendations regarding grant awards are made by the review committee to the Board of Directors which renders final approval regarding awards and the distribution of funds.”
Their Annual Harvest Celebration held at Bayley’s Camp Ground is their largest fund raiser. Operation Graduate Balloon, another fund raiser, is so popular that they have had to turn away volunteers.
However despite their good works, they still need to get the word out about what they do. Will emphasized that they are always looking to partner with other organizations to support their efforts.