July 29th Meeting

Rick introduced Wisconsin  native, Pauline Schmitz whom he met as she volunteered to assist us at the Concerts in The Park. She had a very rewarding visit with us. She picked the Queen of Hearts after winning the raffle!


Having grown up on a farm where they raised their own food, she obtained  a horticulture degree and worked in this profession for 12 years. While bending over in a greenhouse, she heard a pop. It was a strained ligament in the pelvis. She wore a brace for 3 months and began to see a massage specialist. This event led to a career change.

Following her husband to Maine, she has established her practice, The Elemental Body at 183  Route 1, Suite E. From http://www2.theelementalbody.com/ :

“There are many modalities of massage. Among these are swedish, deep tissue, neuromuscular, hydroptherapy and range of motion. Many massage therapists or businessess will offer a menu of these different techniques. I don't operate on this model. I incorporate multiple modalities in each of my sessions. If you would like a massage that focuses solely on your relaxation I will use primarily Swedish techniques. However I will also use stretching or hydrotherapy because they have relaxation benefits as well. If you have an area that is tight and painful due to past injury or improper posture I will rely more heavily on my knowledge of deep tissue. I do not charge differently based on the type of massage you want and you don't need to know the types of massage. I consider it my job to find out what your goal is for your session and to use all of my techniques to make this happen for you. Don't worry about the menu!”

Her clients are referred to her by doctors prescribing massage therapy. It is important for the client to convey their individual needs.  She stressed that you should not expect an instant cure. Selecting a massage therapist is like selecting a doctor with respect to the relationship.

This Saturday, she will be one of 20 volunteers assisting the participants in the Beach-To-Beacon 10 K race.