Tuesday, August 14th, 2018.
The speaker Tuesday was Biddeford Rotarian and State Legislator Marty Grohman, who is an independent candidate for the U. S. House of Representatives.
Left to right: State Representative and Rotarian (Biddeford) Marty Grohman, Past President Phil Giordano, President Troy Dennan
A chemical engineer by profession, Representative Grohman outlined three issue that he feels are of special importance: Sensible immigration, Technical Careers, and Opioid addiction. As a former business owner, he relates to the value of startup businesses to the state's economy. He considers himself as someone who can work with people in both of the major parties and would like to see a more collaborative environment in Washington. "I know I can't change the culture of Washington by myself. But one by one, if we send enough people down there who are willing to come together and fix things, we can change...", he said. Marty was raised on a dairy farm in Carthage, Maine. After attending Rensselaer in Troy, NY he worked for several large corporations, but returned to Maine and started his own business in 1999 manufacturing decking materials made with composites.