Posted by Win Winch
March 7th Meeting
Phil introduced Dr. Jeremy Book from the Innate Family Chiropractic practice located at 210 Western Avenue in South Portland.
“Dr. Jeremy Book grew up with a passion to be the greatest baseball player that he could be. He pursued his dream and had the opportunity to play 5 years of professional baseball in the St. Louis Cardinals organization. It was this life experience that sparked his new passion for Chiropractic Healthcare.
Dr. Jeremy Book realized fairly quickly that there was something very vital missing in the delivery of healthcare for athletes and more importantly, the working people. Not much was done to enhance and optimize the body’s ability to heal and regulate itself. Chiropractic fills this role in healthcare.
“Dr. Jeremy Book has made it his mission to serve people utilizing the Chiropractic principles to the best of his ability. He has been very active in the community serving on two boards for nonprofit organizations to educate and raise awareness for healthy living in the communities he has lived in.
“Dr. Jeremy Book grew up in the St. Louis, MO area where he met his wife, Angela, and began raising his 3 children, Calista, Dalton, and Elias. He received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Logan College of Chiropractic in 2008. He practiced Chiropractic for three and a half years in the St. Louis area before moving to Scarborough, Maine to further advance his career in Chiropractic and to satisfy his outdoor, active lifestyle. Dr. Jeremy loves to spend time with his children and run on trails with his wife, Angela.” (From
“Many spend their whole lives searching for health, wealth and happiness and never finding it. Health is pursued through pills, procedures, lotions and potions, wealth by chance or some stroke of luck, and happiness through possessions and other people. The reason why these never work out is they’re looking in the wrong place, outside of themselves. Health, wealth and happiness only come from within. They come from you and not to you! It happens no other way.
“Chiropractic is a philosophy that understands this, a science that respects this and an art that expresses it. Are you in search of health, wealth and happiness? Get the Big Idea and all else follows!” (From